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my mum said if this post gets to 100,000 notes then she might get me a new laptop




seriously though, my laptop is in terrible condition:



*sobs quietly*
okay so my laptop keeps crashing and overheating [the heat of one thousand suns is currently coming out from the bottom], the track pad barely works, and it’s extremely slow. please help me :——(

ok you’re getting a new laptop

guise, if we can get a fluffy chicken, we can get a new laptop, we are making this happen…

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The #1 rule of The Avengers fandom:

I want this to reach 100,000 notes!
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Slippery Weather Boobs
In other news, every 13-year-old in town just fell on their tailbone.
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Bacon and Egg Sunrise

The best part about these is, if you find the right deli, it can happen after noon.
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Fuck FarmVille
Don’t forget to submit your own text message greats.

OMG! HAHA! Fuck FarmVille.
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Refrigerator Fry Meme

Can’t tell if joke is funny or defacement of one thing I love.
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uPick - Rough Love
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Bacon and Egg Cupcakes

I don’t have time to eat breakfast, just post-wake up dessert.
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Bacon Super Bowl Trophy

Or as real football fans know it, the Vince Stop-Heart-y Trophy.
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This would be me flirting with @PervOnThisRen